Sunday, February 14, 2010

General Aptitude -- an area of controversy

As it appears, GA is very vast field, encompassing almost every thing one can think of. So are the questions of this category.
But the point of concern is what should be the solutions of these questions.While solving GA questions, often you find yourself in the position where more than one logic works. And to make the situation even worse, the options given for the question has all those.
One similar thing happened in 2010 GATE paper.

Question was :
If 137 + 276 = 435 how much is 731 + 672 ?
a) 534 b) 1403 c) 1623 d) 1513

Solution 1:
Just by looking at the numbers one notices that all of them are less than 8. So try the base 8 and it works. 137 + 276 = 435 in base 8. So answer will be 1623 for 731 + 672.

Isnt that super easy?. But wait, some people who didnt get this tried a different approach.
Solution 2 :
137 + 276 = 435
Now, reverse each number:- 731 + 672 = 534.

Well some people may come with all other logic for other options too.

But the problem is still there, what should be the correct answer? What should one answer when he is writing the exam?

Well, people say, answer should be the one which is most general of all. But this statement is itself ambiguous. How you define the general ?
Clearly, for a student of digital logic answer 1 appears more general but to others answer 2.
On various GATE forums people are having debates over this question. All types of arguments are put forward like GA is aptitude not logic, Numbers are inherently decimal not octal.
These arguments are not limited to this question only. These are questioning the scope of this limitless area.


scadza said...

A question can have several right answers. Give each answer marks depending on how much thought you would have to put to get to the answer.

But hey..there is a catch. A person would say he was hampered by the simplest possible answer. Because that stopped him from looking more deeply at the question.

kumar lav said...

keeping the catch aside .. how r u going to measure the depth of the thinking. One obvious to 1 may not be for others :P

Pratik Poddar said...

true.. agree with lav.. I am sure there were similar problems in our JEE/AIEEE papers and some people would have lost just because of that. As sohoni sir puts it - "Life is not fair. But hey, nobody said it would be"