Saturday, January 2, 2010

Send Unlimited size Free SMS via IndyaRocks

All the existing free SMS services comes with the constraint on the length of the SMS you can send. Like
  • 160by2 allows only 80 characters + 80 characters of Ads(This annoys me, so I donot use it)
  • Indyarocks allows 140 characters
So, here is a simple hack which will allow you to send unlimited size SMS via Indyarocks.
While going through the source page of the Indyarocks I discovered that it uses Client-side validation of the length of the SMS. So we will be exploiting this fact in this hack.

Step -1 -> Login to your Indyarocks account.
Step -2 -> Go to the Send SMS page.
Step -3 -> View the source code of the page (Ctrl + U or View->Page Source).
Step -4 -> Save it on your system with html extension(say sms.html).
Step -5 -> Open sms.html in text editor.
Step -6 -> Search for function chngcnt. It is a JS function. Look for the number in the if conditions of this function. It will be 130 or 140, change this to some high number say 9999.
Step -7 -> Search for function sendfreemsg(). Do same here too, change 140 to some high number.
Step -8 -> Copy the address from your address bar of the indyarocks page(leaving sms.php). In my case it is
Step -9 -> Search for send_msgs.php in the sms.html and append to it in the front, so that it becomes
Step-10-> Now open sms.html in the browser and send the SMSs

In this, the javascript utilities like address from phone book doesnot work. To enable them correct the link to .js files by adding to the address.
Also, this works only for the SMS to Non-members option of Indyarocks.
Now, you can use this page whenever you need to send the SMS. You will only be needed to login to your Indyarocks account in another tab. (Site doesnot uses any local session variables, another demerit of the website).
Happy SMSing in New Year