Thursday, June 4, 2009

my first day at cooking

Atlast after eating in restaurants for about a month I plunged myself into the waters of cooking.

I was indeed inspired by the way Akhil made it easy for me during my visit to Paris to atleast give it a shot.

So, I and Sharjeel decided to cook our dinner last nite, Narendra wasnt involved as he gets hi meal from the landlord. I took out the packages and baggages of masala and rice. Got some potatoes from the landord's basket. While I was washing the rice I told Sharjeel to peel the potatoes, it turned out that he didnt even know this art, which I think everyone should know. Nevertheless, I washed the rice put it on the stove, peeled the potatoes and let it to boil. While the cooking was being done by the stove, I opened the packets of masalas to figure out exactly what were they, thankfully my mom had put a slip in each of them. But still I didnt know what all to put in a sabji, so I decided to gamble(I think gamble will not be a good word, as I had tried this once in my home) to put little of all the stuffs in. But I do had the idea of how much salt to put(I do help my mom in the kitchen sometime) so I was pretty safe in ruining the sabji. Finally after 20 min the potatoes were boiled and rice was cooked, I drained the excess water from the rice and kept it aside.

Now main test of my memory was to begin, in what order do I have to cook the sabji(means wat to put in first and den on). I remembered mom used to fry the potatoes first, so i did dat untill the were brownish(another thing learnt while helpin mom in kitchen), den put in the water and pinch of all the masalas(kaali mirch, haldi, zeera and many other) and waited it to form a dense gravy, which is when U know sabji is cooked.

After about 10 min wen I opened the lid, to my amazement there were no dense gravy but only water. Then smthing struck to my mind and I realised, dat I have to put the onions too. Hurriedly I drew one onion(again from landlord's basket) peeled it, cut into small pieces and put into the pan.

And den started coming the good smell of the sabji, 20 more min and sabji was ready and we(sheru came wen every things was done and ready) were on the table to have the dinner(my first self-made dinner). It was nice. As Sheru hadnt helped me in cooking so I left the washing of dishes to him.


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