Thursday, May 14, 2009

getting started

Hmmmm .... atlast I have joined the group which I hated the most .. the group of bloggers .... I used to think that how can someone find so much time to write a blog when there are lots of other beautiful stuffs to do around you. But now I can fully understand the torchorous situation one would have gone through which compelled him become a blogger.
When you are in completely different time zone in which your friends live and you come back to home after tiring office work (mind you sitting in front of the computer and working can be pretty tiring) with the hope that you will chat with your friends tell them about your experiences, hear about theirs .. but ooops all are offline .. perhaps sleeping as its late nite over there part of the earth. And you after exausting all the TV serials episodes, are left with just nothing except staring at the online list as if someone pops up and then go back to sleep when you are bored enough. :P .
To add to the miseries of ur lyf is if you are missing someone very badly .. someone very dear to you, someone with whom you used to talk daily but now you just cant bcoz when they are free you arent and when you are free they are in their sound sleep and you dare not disturb their tender sleep.
All these things leave a blank space in your daily life. A SPACE which haunts you and you try all possible ways to fill this up .. and the most obivious and comfortable way is to sit in ur warm cozy bed with ur laptop on ur lap and write a blog as I am doing rite now.
So atlast compelled by the situations here I am writing my first BLOG. Hope this will fill in the SPACE in my daily life as I have so much to write about, the new city, country, culture people and above all how I adapt to them.
A whole new experience , the "EXCAVATION Of My LIFE"

Hoping to you soon over here reading my next blog, as I have no other thing to do. :P


Akki said...

hehehe!! thankfully my frnds are more of nishachars! so m unable to find the time to update my blog :-(

Pradyumna Kumar said...

way to go!!! :)

kamal said...

hey...this s lyf man..

g2 said...

Excavating your life??

get a life first :p

welcome to the sad world of blogging...

Diwakar Sinha said...

well, you crossed the boundary and entered another territory...welcome to this new life online.

S2S said...

lafau U too !!!
gr8 going ... but read g2's pointer I hv exactly same thng to tell :P